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3D Space Shuttle Ride

Journey Out of Your Comfort Zone

A family blasts off in the Air Zoo's 3D Space Shuttle Ride.

Your adventure is a 3D tour of service aboard the space shuttle. As you settle in and get ready for launch, you learn the mission objective: the International Space Station. Be part of the crew as the last piece of the station is maneuvered delicately into place.

With the real work done, you can relax and take in some out-of-this-world views of Mother Earth. Then you'll rumble through a fiery re-entry and touch down on terra firma: mission complete.

View the 3D Space Shuttle Ride in Action!

Ride Restrictions

Minimum Height Requirement Number of Tickets
Must be 42" tall with or without an adult Included with General Admission.
Smithsonian Institution Affiliations Program