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Charles Hubbell Aviation Prints

Charles Hubbell's work is known as one of the world's best pictorial histories of aviation. His art has been displayed in the White House, museums, libraries, palaces, airports and private homes. His serendipitous relationship with Thompson Products in Cleveland, Ohio gave aviation a beautiful, colorful record of its history in accurate detail.

Hubbell graduated from Cleveland Institute of Art in 1923 and became a commercial artist. There was little demand in the 1920s for aviation art, so, it became a hobby for him. However, his interest in aviation made him a great fan of the barnstormers of that time and he often traded his art for pilot hours. Because of his reputation with the aviators he was sought out by Cliff Henderson, the general manager of the new 1929 National Air Races at Cleveland's airport. Henderson wanted to decorate downtown Cleveland businesses with Hubbell's art to promote the races.

Thompson Products was the sponsor for the air races' feature event, The Thompson Trophy Race. Henderson introduced Hubbell to Thompson Products representative Fred Crawford and suggested that they commission Hubbell to paint the race winners. After several years, in 1939, they decided to print an annual calendar featuring Hubbell's work. This project would continue for the next 30 years.

These prints are from the original Hubbell/Thompson calendars. In order to maintain the original image, they have not been touched up or altered from their "found condition." They are approximately 14'' x 16'' and suitable for matting or framing. Condition can vary from "good" to "excellent."

Please review prints 1-15 below by clicking them. Additional prints are available.

If you would like to order a print, have questions about pricing and condition, or would like to view additional prints, please email Meredith Martin or call her at 269.350.2827.

America's First Jet Design
America's First Standard Jet Pursuit
Battle of Midway
Bishop of Canada
Boeing 314 Clipper-Pan American Airways System
Bomber Bombed
Butch O'Hare
California to Australia 1928
Carribean Rescue
Caught at Kiska
Check-up on the Roundup
Colin Kelly
Dawn to Dusk Transcontinental 1924
End of Richthofen
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