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When the Air Zoo is not overwhelming you with sights, sounds and motion, learn from our ever-changing lineup of exhibits. Unique and fascinating, our permanent and traveling displays are sure to delight and inform.

Da Vinci: The Exhibition

Da Vinci Catapult Kids at Air Zoo

Appropriate for all ages, Da Vinci: The Exhibition takes guests on an immersive journey through the life, art, and amazing inventions of Leonardo da Vinci. Master artisans have brought Da Vinci's intricate designs and extraordinary inventions to life as three-dimensional interactive recreations, some in full size!

Black Wings: American Dreams of Flight

""Black Wings: American Dreams of Flight", chronicles some of the most important black figures from the past and present who helped make the dream of careers in flight and space exploration possible and helped shape the lasting legacy African Americans would forever leave on aviation.

Tigers: Tracking a Legend

Takes guests on an immersive adventure into the lives of endangered Bengal Tigers! Visitors engage their senses of sight, sound, touch, and smell as they track a mother tiger and her two cubs through a collection of multi-sensory exhibits.

Space: Dare to Dream

Space: Dare to Dream exhibit

Space: Dare to Dream pays tribute to the dreamers who dared to find the answers to our very existence and shaped humankind's knowledge of our place in the universe. This exhibit celebrates those innovators' amazing discoveries and the history of space exploration. Visitors are able to explore Galileo's study, learn about ancient cosmology and experience the rumbling liftoff of Saturn V as it leaves Earth.

Michigan Aviation Hall of Fame

The Michigan Aviation Hall of Fame was established in 1987 to recognize men and women who have made significant contributions to aviation. It is located inside the Air Zoo.

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