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Bi-Plane Rides at the Air Zoo with Waldo Wright's Flying Service!

Fly or ride in a classic Bi-Plane at the Air Zoo in Michigan

This Summer, Experience the Thrill of an Open Cockpit Bi-Plane Ride at the

Air Zoo!

Waldo Biplane Ride Logo at the Air Zoo

Beginning June 1st, 2015, the Air Zoo and Waldo Wright's Flying Service will partner once again to offer our guests unique, once-in-a-lifetime, barnstorming flight experiences! Best of all, Waldo's open-cockpit New Standard D-25 Bi-Plane seats FOUR, so you can share the experience with family and friends! Open to all ages, your barnstorming adventure starts at the Air Zoo's East Campus, where you'll take off and cruise over the beautiful Michigan countryside. There's nothing quite like open cockpit flight, and this is truly an experience you'll remember forever. For those who have dreams of piloting a vintage Bi-Plane, Waldo's Stearman Bi-Plane experience makes them a reality! You'll earn the basics of flight and take the controls as you and your instructor zip across the sky!

Waldo flies out of the Air Zoo's East Campus, 3101 E. Milham Rd, Kalamazoo, MI 49002, seven days a week, 9am - 5pm (later flights can be scheduled by reservation). To book a flight, call 863.873.1339, or click HERE.

Who Is Waldo?

Waldo flying Bi-Plane

Waldo Wright's Flying Service will take you on the adventure of a lifetime!

Waldo BiPlane Rides seat up to four at the Air Zoo in Kalamazoo

What started in 1995 with the dream of restoring two New Standard biplanes to recapture the "Golden Age of Aviation" has grown into America's largest vintage biplane ride company.

Seat up to four on a New Standard D-25 Flight!
The New Standard airplane was designed specifically for barnstorming at the request of Ivan Gates, the proprietor of the famous Gates Flying Circus. Gates, with Clyde Pangborn, formed and operated one of the largest groups of barnstorming airplanes from the middle 1920s and into the 1930s. Carrying 4 passengers in a large front open cockpit, the airplane was instrumental in introducing hundreds of thousands of people to their first airplane ride, when aviation was in its infancy. Many still remember flying out of a pasture near their hometown when they were young. There are very few of these magnificent airplanes still operating today; in fact, Waldo owns two of the seven presently flying.

Fly a Classic Bi-Plane! Get behind the stick of a Boeing Stearman Bi-Plane!

Waldo Stearman Fly a classic Bi-Plane

Waldo Wright's Flying Service also offers flights for a single passenger in the legendary Boeing Stearman. The Stearman was the primary trainer of WWII. Many a young man and woman left their jobs as a school teacher, doctor, baseball player, or housewife when they entered the military, and climbed into this biplane to learn the basics of flight. Cadets were expected to solo in only 8 hours time. Once the Stearman was conquered, cadets would then transfer on to a basic trainer (BT-13,) the advanced trainer (T-6 or AT-11,) and then on to either a fighter or bomber. The Stearman aircraft laid down the foundation that would carry these pilots through the rest of their careers, and that "seat-of-the-pants" flying knowledge many times saved them from disaster in the more advanced aircraft.

Bi-Planes Flying in Formation at the Air Zoo
Bi-Plane Rides at the Air Zoo in West Michigan Photos
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