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Air Zoo Events Calendar

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8:00am No events scheduled
9:00am Science Wizards Summer Camp: 1st-2nd Grades - It's not magic, it's science! Discover the science behind shrinking potions, disappearing marbles, lightning bolts, and so much more! Take home your own Air Zoo t-shirt, invisible ink pen, vanishing marbles, and magic sand. This...
10:00am Veteran Flights - WWII and Korean veterans are eligible for a flight in a historic Stearman bi-plane. The veteran must be able to get into and out of their bathtub from a sitting position. They must not have previously had the flight. Call Tamra at 269...
11:00am No events scheduled
12:00pm No events scheduled
1:00pm Mission Possible Summer Camp: 6th-8th Grades - Choose the days that excite your imagination! You may sign up for one camp or all week. Tuesday: Crime Scene Investigation - Investigate a crime scene, examine fingerprints, analyze trace evidence using microscopes while solving an Air...
2:00pm No events scheduled
3:00pm No events scheduled
4:00pm No events scheduled
5:00pm No events scheduled
6:00pm No events scheduled
7:00pm No events scheduled
8:00pm No events scheduled

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