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Air Zoo Team


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Address/Phone Numbers

Air Zoo
6151 Portage Road
Portage, MI 49002

866.524.7966 (toll-free)

Staff Contact Information

  • Troy Thrash

    President & CEO

    Oversees all operations of the Air Zoo.

  • Mary Lawrence

    Director of Talent Management & Finance

    Responsible for human resource and financial activities.

  • Derek Menchinger

    Director of Operations & Exhibits

    Derek Menchinger, Director of Operations
    Leads all aspects of facility operations and exhibitions space use.

  • Nate Melvin, CMP

    Director of Engagement

    Oversees fund development, donor relations and member services.

  • Nikki Statler

    Director of Marketing

    Contact for marketing and public relations needs (For Donation Requests or similar, please refer to Maria Newhouse's contact info).

  • Maria Newhouse

    Development Associate

    Assists with donation requests, development, fundraising, & donor services. All Donation Requests must be made via an Air Zoo Donation Request Form, which can be downloaded HERE.

  • Danielle Baughman

    Talent Engagement Manager

    Responsible for recruitment, training and engagement for all employees and volunteers.

  • Michael Martin

    Guest Experience & Membership Manager

    Oversees the Air Zoo's Guest Experience and Membership teams.

  • Rebecca Barr

    Group and Events Manager

    Leads Group & Events team.

Group & Events Department

Responsible for school, group and special event bookings.
General Inquiries
Dan Patnode, Group & Events Coordinator
Thalia Maronto, Group & Events Coordinator

Education Department

Kathleen Larsen, Education Manager
Manages the Air Zoo's education team and programming 

Air Zoo Experience Specialists

Greg Ward, Restoration Manager
Responsible for care of the aircraft and restoration facilities.
Blaire Bohlen, Marketing Associate
Assists with marketing and public relations.

April Bryan, Exhibits and Collections Manager
Responsible for overseeing exhibit and collections programs.

Christy Kincaid, Collections & Exhibits Coordinator
Responsible for taking in donations and managing collections.

Al Hollaway, Technical Services Manager, EFE Instructor
Responsible for Information Technologies, Technical Resources and Education for Employment (EFE) Instructor.

Jennifer Gessler, Assistant Guest Experience Manager
Assists Guest Experience Manager with team.

Meredith Martin, Fly Buy Store Manager
Responsible for gift shop purchasing, merchandising, inventory and sales floor management.


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