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Apollo 11

2019 Special Exhibit

Apo11o Exhibit

Child at Apollo ExhibitThe Apollo 11 moon landing, which put the first two humans on the moon on July 20, 1969, not only made history but also served as a moment shared by a nation. Today, many Midwesterners recall tuning in on the evening of the NASA broadcast as the lunar module, the Eagle, came in for a landing (hence, "The Eagle has landed!"). 

About the Apo11o Exhibit

Picture of Exhibit at Air Zoo in MichiganTo celebrate 50 years since that cosmically cool lunar adventure, we’ll recreate that nationally-shared, public memory with a typical suburban living room plucked right out of the summer of ‘69!  Relax on the sofa with your family and watch the moon landing broadcast on a console TV.

Picture of Exhibit at Air Zoo in MichiganExplore the Apollo 11 story inside and outside the immersive living room. Find out about the teamwork it took to put two people on the moon and learn more about the ways the space program impacted American life in the late 1960s and how it shaped the technologies we know today.



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