Be the Astronaut

Featured Summer Exhibit

Blast off!!!

We are "over-the-moon" thrilled to be hosting an exciting, immersive, hands-on experience that will take Air Zoo visitors of all ages on a fascinating journey of space exploration and discovery.

Has there ever been a more perfect time to imagine being swept away to discover new places - like our moon, Mars, Jupiter or an asteroid belt... or to explore STEM-based and state-of-the-art video game technologies?  We think not! While we may not have our own space ship here at the Air Zoo, you can learn basic concepts through spaceflight experts and climb into the simulated pilot's seat to test your skills as you fly spaceships, pilot landers and drive rovers.   Plan your trip to the Air Zoo today and visit Be the Astronaut  in our Flight Innovation Center!

Learn about the challenges and excitement of spaceflight — then complete a mission in a virtual spacecraft from Earth orbit, to the Moon, Mars, Ceres & Jupiter.

This exciting, immersive, hands-on exhibit, resulting from an extensive collabration between our friends at Eureka Exhibits and experts at numerous NASA research centers, brings YOU a realistic simulation of outer space travel and exploration, and a uniquely designed STEM learning experience perfect for aerospace and science enthusiats the world over.

Kids (of all ages) will have a wonderfultime studying the materials, learning from virtual spaceflight experts, and exploring new lands as they fly their own spaceships, rovers and landers through hands-on flight simulators.


Come visit us.