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Biplane Rides

Fly with Waldo Wright’s Flying Service!

Every year, from mid-May through September, the Air Zoo and Waldo Wright's Flying Service partner to offer our guests a unique, once-in-a-lifetime, barnstorming flight experience! Waldo's open-cockpit New Standard D-25 Biplane seats up to four and is fun for ALL ages as you soar over the beautiful Southwest Michigan countryside. There's nothing quite like open cockpit flight, and this is truly an experience you'll remember forever!

For those who have dreams of piloting a vintage Biplane, Waldo's Stearman Biplane experience makes them a reality! You'll take a solo flight and learn the basics of flight as you take the controls with your instructor and zip across the sky! The Stearman was the primary trainer of WWII. Many young men and women climbed into this biplane to learn the basics of flight when they entered the military. Cadets were expected to solo in only 8 hours’ time! Once the Stearman was conquered, cadets would then transfer on to a basic trainer (BT-13,) the advanced trainer (T-6 or AT-11,) and then on to either a fighter or bomber.

Biplane rides are $69.95 per person plus tax and fuel surcharge- 15 minute flight experience. Reservations accepted for 2 or more passengers. NO aerobatics.

Stearman flights are $229.00 per person plus tax and fuel surcharge- 30 minute hands-on flight. NO aerobatics. Reservations requested.


NOW through September Waldo flies out of the Air Zoo's Flight Discovery Center, 3101 E. Milham Rd, Kalamazoo, MI 49002, 10am - 5pm Monday - Saturday, and noon - 5pm on Sundays. Flights can be purchased year round, and make great gifts! 

To book a flight or purchase a gift card call (863) 873-1339, or click HERE.

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