2021 LivE-Virtual & IN-Person

Science Day Camps!

As we transition from 2020 and further navigate the COVID situation and safe practices, we plan to offer a mix of both in-person, and live-virtual camp opportunities for our families in 2021! 

Choose from a variety of in-person OR live-virtual science-based day camp programs that engage and inspire children to learn about the exciting world of science, technology, engineering, art, and math (STEAM). Utilizing fun, exciting, and highly interactive programming, the Air Zoo guides young minds through creative and inquiry-based experiences that instill a lifelong passion for learning. 

General Day Camp Information 

  • Registrations are due no later than  14 days prior to the camp start date. Later registrations may be accepted based on availability.  
  • See above for materials kit pick-up or shipping for virtual camps. On-site campers will receive theirs upon arrival.
  • With the understanding that things are changing daily, some of the activities in these camps could be altered. If that happens, we will do our best to notify you in advance.  
  • Wrap around activities and lunch will be made available for additonal purchase for in-person campers.
  • Members will receive pre-sale access and discounts for summer camps. Not a member, learn more today!

Policy: Cancellations made at least 14 days before the start of the camp will receive a full refund. Cancellations made less than 14 days in advance of on-site camp start dates will receive a refund at the discretion of the Air Zoo. Cancellations made less than 14 days from the start of virtual camps are not eligible for a refund, and the materials kit is yours to keep. 

Financial Aid and Scholarship funds are available! If applying for Financial Aid/Scholarships, please submit your application prior to registering for camp. Click HERE to apply online. 

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Summer Break Day Camps

We will continuously monitor and navigate the COVID situation and safe practices as we prepare to offer both in-person, and live-virtual camp opportunities for our families this summer. 2021 Summer Break Day Camps run mid-June through late-August, for PreK-12th grade students. 

  • In-Person Camps Camp costs range from $60 to $240 per student, depending on the number of days, activities and curriculum. We encourage one parent to attend with PreK participants at no additional cost. For your safety and ours, the Air Zoo requires all summer campers, participating adults, and summer camp staff to wear a mask when inside the Air Zoo. There will be physically distanced breaks and activities outdoors when masks may be removed, at the discretion of the Camp Director. These on-site camps may be canceled if safety becomes a concern, or the MDHHS updates state restrictions. In this event, registrants will receive email correspondence regarding camp changes and applicable refunds. 
  • Live-Virtual Camps run 3 hours/day and are limited to 24 students. Camp costs range from $30-$95 per student, depending on the number of days ant the curriculum, and all include a science materials kit to keep. Kits can be picked up at the Air Zoo for no additional fee, or shipped to you ($10 in-state or $15 out-of-state).

Camps by Grade Level 

PreK (age 4-5)

Live-Virtual Options


Build It                                    

Aug. 9-10  |  9am-12pm 
Limit 24 people (12 kids/12 adults)  |  $60/child 

This camp is a blueprint for fun! Young builders will discover shapes and patterns while constructing different types of structures found in cities around the world and engineering new cities. 



I Dig Dinos 

Aug. 11-13  |  9am-12pm 
Limit 24 people (12 kids/12 adults) |  $85/student 

Meet the meat-eaters, play with the plant-eaters, and dig up fun that campers will be wild about!  Follow us as we track the smallest to largest dinosaurs that roamed our prehistoric planet. 


K-1st (ages 4-7)

Live-Virtual Options

Aerospace Expedition 

Aug. 23-27 |  1-4pm 
Limit 24  |  $75/camper

Join us as we fly away on an unique aerospace adventure!  Whether pitching up and down in an airplane, or blasting off in a rocket, get ready for an exciting week of exploration. Begin the journey on Earth discovering how planes fly and end the week by designing a rover to explore a newly discovered planet! 

In-Person Options

Space Voyage

Aug. 9-13  |  1-4pm
Limit 24 |  $120/camper 

Become an astronaut in training and launch into space! Explore the solar system and see the planets and stars in the STARLAB planetarium. Discover the moon’s ancient past by making craters. Design a paper rocket and launch a variety of rockets into the sky. 3…2…1…Blast off! 

Sold Out


2nd-3rd Grade (ages 6-9)

Live-Virtual Options

Full STEAM Ahead 

Aug. 16-20  |  9am-12pm 
Limit 24  |  $75/camper 

Explore each letter in STEAM with a variety of art, science, and engineering projects, activities, and challenges! Construct a boat out of household materials, discover how strong spaghetti is, find out what happens when you mix colors, create a marble maze, and much much more in this week of creative, innovative fun! 


Mission Possible   

Aug. 9-13 |  1-4pm
Limit 24  |  $95/camper 

Monday: Space Science Adventurer

Get ready to explore outer space! Meet Earth’s neighbors and create a pocket solar system, explore the stars and make a constellation viewer, learn about the phases of the moon with a fun craft, and more in this day of out of this world fun! 

Tuesday:  Good Vibrations 

Let’s make some noise! We will create some beautiful music together while we investigate the science of sound. Experience the vibrations that cause sound waves with tuning forks, rubber bands, thunder tubes, and more. Practice your pitch, volume, and rhythm with musical water glasses and drums. Then put what you’ve learned to great “effect” by replacing some of the sound effects in a musical movie 

Wednesday: When Science Meets Art  

What happens when you combine science and creativity? Find out as you explore ink chromatography, grow a crystal, marbleize paper, and more in this day of artistic and experimental exploration! 

Thursday: Eco-explorers 

Plants and animals and insects, oh my! Campers will enjoy a variety of nature themed crafts, activities, and games in this day of exploring our natural world. 

Friday: Candy Chemistry 

What makes Pop Rocks “pop” and sodas “fizz”? Experiment with floating chocolate bars, growing gummy bears, and exploding soda geysers in this sweet camp full of delicious fun. 


In-Person Options

Test Pilots  

Aug. 2-6  |  9am–4pm 
Limit 24  |  $195/camper 

Train like a real test pilot while exploring aviation design, stealth capability, and drone technology through a series of exciting engineering challenges! Learn about the latest drone technology from the Kalamazoo Carbon Flyers while experiencing the excitement of high-speed racing. Into the wild blue yonder! 


4th-5th Grade (ages 8-11)

Live-Virtual Options

Kitchen Chemistry 

August 2-6  |  1–4pm 
Limit 24  |  $75/campre  

What happens when you mix a little bit of this with a whole lot of that? Find out in this fun and potentially messy camp! Experiment with the properties of matter and test various ingredients to create cool chemical reactions. 


In-Person Options

Intermediate Lego Robotics  

Aug 16-20  |  1-5pm
Limit 12  |  $150 

Design, build and program a Lego Mindstorms EV3 robot to complete challenges based on First Lego League’s Trash Trek Challenge. The Trash Trek Challenge is about what happens to things when we think we’re done with them and imagining how we might be able to innovate our way toward ZERO WASTE one day! Campers will program their robots to complete complex tasks such as sorting, transporting, and recycling materials, cleaning up contaminated sites and much more. Invite your family to be spectators at the final challenge on Friday afternoon! An introductory Lego Robotics experience is a prerequisite. Note: Campers DO NOT keep the LEGO robot. 

sold out

6th-8th Grade (ages 10-14)

Live-Virtual Options

Advanced Lego Robotics 

Aug. 2-6  |  1-5pm
Limit 12  |  $150/camper 

Work with teammates to complete challenges in this Advanced Lego Robotics camp based on the FIRST Lego League. An introductory Lego Robotics experience is required as a prerequisite, as this camp will focus on more sophisticated programming and complex problem-solving. Invite your family to be spectators at the final showdown on Friday afternoon! Note: Campers do not get to keep the Lego robot. 



Mission Possible  

Aug. 23-27  |  9am-4pm
Limit 24  |  $195/camper 

Monday: Tinkerer’s Workshop 

Tinkerers take machines apart to see how they tick, experiment with materials and ideas to understand their capacities, and build things to the limits of their imaginations. Then, with access to a wide variety of materials and tools, campers will forge creations of their own designs.

Tuesday: Chemistry

What happens when you mix a little bit of this with a whole lot of that? Find out in this fun and potentially messy camp!  Behold the power of pennies, separate substances using science and explore things that glow.  Seek out the element of surprise and learn why chemists have all the solutions! 

Wednesday: Rocketry 

Gain a working knowledge of physical forces and Newton’s Laws of Motion through racing the force of gravity, creating real-life action/reaction scenarios, and building and launching your own re-usable Estes model rocket!  

Thursday:  Digging up Michigan

Have a “rocking” good time as you excavate fossils, recreate Michigan terrain with a 5-foot stream table, and break apart geodes. Take a virtual field trip to the WMU Geology Department to explore their museum and Michigan geological samples. 

Friday: Green STEAM 

Do you have what it takes to be green? Learn about energy alternatives, mine for fossil fuels, harness the power of the sun’s solar rays, and test your knowledge in a game of trash vs. recycle jeopardy. Campers will also calculate their carbon footprint and challenge themselves to make a real-life change after camp ends. 


6th-12th Grade (ages 10-18)

In-Person Only

Aviation Restoration  

Aug. 18-19  |  1-4pm
Limit 24  |  $70/camper 

Work with the professional restoration crew at the Air Zoo to help bring one of the World War II aircraft that was recently raised from the bottom of Lake Michigan closer to exhibit condition. Learn skills such as riveting and cable swaging and take a behind-the-scenes tour of the Flight Discovery Center. 

Sold Out



Looking for more educational opportunities to enhance your child's learning this school year? Check out our  Education@Home programs- there is something fun, exciting, and educational for kids age 3-14. We are working hard to be YOUR partners in STEAM education this school year. Learn more! 

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