Discovery Series

The Air Zoo’s Discovery Series is a compilation of events and activities, created with a few specific things in mind for a multi-generational audience – inspiration, education, opportunity, and entertainment! The team at the Air Zoo has inspired youthful imaginations across the region for nearly a decade and has found that the desire for inspiration, education and engagement really spans all ages. From simply outstanding to world-famous, you will find an array of inspiring programs and remarkable humans in the Air Zoo’s Discovery Series. From engineers, scientists and aviators, to change-makers and trend-setters, you are sure to find programs, speakers and subjects that ignite your imagination and speak to your interest. Join us, and be inspired as you mingle with featured aerospace pioneers from across the globe!

2022's Lineup

Oceans to Astronauts, an Evening with Adele Luta

Thursday, May 12  |  7pm  |  $25/ticket
Doors open at 6:30pm!

Adele Luta, a Scientist & Innovator from Clear Lake, Texas, didn't see herself working underwater as a physicist. However, soon after graduate school, she was training astronauts for spacewalks in Houston in a massive pool. Her biggest takeaway? Follow your passions even if they don't seem to intersect, you never know when your passion might end up part of your job!

Join us for a night of storytelling involving human spaceflight and how her work, including supporting the next missions to the moon, unites the ocean and the sky. The event is family friendly and will include mingling, an Air Zoo original Science Floor Show, cash bar and treats!

Adele Luta is an Exploration Extravehicular Activities (EVA) Integration Project Manager at Oceaneering with MS and BS degrees in physics. Her #STEM education has allowed her to work in many research fields including researching the mind, nuclear physics, and teamwork. She is a seaplane pilot and SCUBA diver. She is a member of the 99s, Explorers Club, Sigma Pi Sigma (Physics Honor Society), and AAAS IF/THEN Ambassador.





Sydney Hamilton

Mark your calendars!!  Thursday, September 29  |  TBD  

Sydney Hamilton always wanted to fly. So it's no surprise that she now works for the Boeing Company, on an advance design team utilizing the latest techology and innovation in design.

She has analyzed the first commercial aircraft with folding wing tips (777X plane), additively manufactured (3D printed) parts for spacecrafts and is currently the Responsible Engineering Authority for reflectors on satellites. In an industry where less than 5 percent the work force are African American women, Sydney is proud to continue breakdown barriers and pave the way for the next generation of leaders.Sydney was notably named an IF/Then Ambassador for the American Association of the Advancement of Science in 2019; whose mission is to encourage middle school girls to pursue STEM.

Join us for an energetic first person account of Sydeny's story, how her work is shrinking the globe and her mission to teach and expose underrepresented youth more about STEM. Event details comming soon!

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