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Request for Donation

Request for Donation

The Air Zoo is committed to supporting the community each year with a budgeted number of donations allocated for not-for-profit organizations in support of their fundraising efforts. Requests are reviewed once per month by committee. Please submit requests at least 30 days before the donation is needed. To be considered for a ticket donation, organizations must complete the following form and:

  • Be a public K-12 school, library or registered 501(c)3 public charity that provides or supports youth education (in the areas of history, science, technology, engineering, art or math) or veterans services.

  • Be located within the counties of: Allegan, Barry, Berrien, Branch, Calhoun, Cass, Eaton, Jackson, Kalamazoo, Kent, Ottawa, St. Joseph or Van Buren. Note: Passes are not mailed and must be picked up within 30 days.

  • Be an Equal Opportunity Employer free of discriminatory practices based on race, color, religion, national origin, age, ability, sexual orientation, gender, and gender identity.

You may also download and submit the this FORM via email, postal mail or drop off. Please save it to your computer first and then reopen it. 


Please submit the following as attachments to meail, printed copies with postal submission or attachment to webform below. 

  • A letter on your organization’s letterhead that details how the donated item will be utilized and how the Air Zoo will be recognized
  • Proof of your organization’s 501(c)3 status

Completed submissions can be emailed to donationrequests@airzoo.org or submitted via mail to: Air Zoo Donation Requests 6151 Portage Rd. Portage, MI 49002

Web Form

Additional Guidelines

The Air Zoo DOES NOT provide donations to the following:

  • Individuals or families
  • For-profit companies
  • Political parties or organizations that officially endorse one political party over any other
  • Religious groups or schools that require religious affiliation or membership to receive services
  • If you are submitting on behalf of a religious school or organization, please indicate whether affiliation with your religion is required to receive services and, when available, provide information about how many of your service recipients belong to other faiths
  • Colleges, Communities Colleges, or Universities
  • Organizations that do not serve youth or provide youth development and educational services

Funds raised from Air Zoo donations MAY NOT be used for the following purposes:

  • Equipment or field trips that are not directly tied to education (sports equipment, transportation, trips to amusement parks, etc.)
  • Lobbying
  • Financial contributions to political candidates or parties
  • Scholarships for non-educational programs (sports camps, social clubs, conferences, etc.)

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