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Tigers: Tracking a Legend Opening! Experience this new exhibit at the Air Zoo!

Dates: Sat Jun 7, 14

Type: Air Zoo Events

Tigers Exhibit Information Air Zoo Science & Aerospace Center Kalamazoo MI
Join us at the Air Zoo for this High Tech, High Touch, TRUE Tiger Family Story!

Opening June 7th, 2014, "Tigers: Tracking a Legend" is an amazing new exhibit at the Air Zoo that takes guests on an immersive journey into the lives of endangered Bengal Tigers! Visitors engage their senses of sight, sound, touch, and smell as they track a mother tiger and her two cubs through a collection of multi-sensory exhibits that highlight the physiology, behavior, and daily lives of these amazing animals. Guests also learn how both space science and aviation science are used in conservation efforts across the world.
Immerse yourself in these, fun interactive high-tech and high-touch exhibits that blend science, biology, ecology, and natural history into an entertaining adventure that will engage you and your entire family! For more information, click HERE.

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