So Much to Explore on Our Exhibition Floor!

Take off on an exciting and educational journey through the Air Zoo’s multifaceted exhibition experiences! We’ve curated a family-pleasing, super-sensory combination of things to ignite inspiration and intellect, and fire up fascination and fun!

Enjoy our internationally renowned featured exhibitions, temporary and permanent exhibitions, and family-fun interactives like our FLEXHIBITS and Keva Planks. Take flight in airborne amusement park rides, trainer cockpits, and full-motion flight simulators. Recharge your batteries and let us entertain you in our Missions Theater.

Our exhibition floor delivers with the stories of aerospace innovators and innovations from Early Flight and the Golden Age of Flight through World War II, the Cold War, the Jet Age, Space, and beyond! Experience history restored as 1940s aircraft, recovered from Lake Michigan, undergo restoration on public display. Get to know the female aviators of the Women’s Airforce Service Pilots (WASP) and African American pioneer aviators of our Black Wings exhibitions. Travel through a reflection on the Guadalcanal Campaign and uncover stories of the Michigan Aviation Hall of Fame honorees. Meet the minds that sent us further skyward in Space: Dare to Dream. Climb into a space capsule and learn how astronauts ate, slept, and showered in space!