Family Fun Days

Come imagine, explore and discover with us, and bring your family with you for this awesome Air Zoo experience!  We offer fun hands-on activities the entire family will enjoy during our Family Fun Days.  These family days are very popular and the activities are always entertaining and educational. Family Fun Day schedules change with the seasons so keep an eye on our calendar for new dates and info!

2018-2019 Winter Family Fun Days - General admission plus $2, or just $2 total for members!

Get out of the cold and join the fun at the Air Zoo every Wednesday through Friday during winter break (December 26 – 28 and January 2 – 4), there will be special activities for the family, including: themed crafts and games, special guest visitors, and interactive demonstrations (while supplies last).


Wednesday, December 26 | 11am – 3pm

CSI: North Pole Mystery - A jealous reindeer has kidnapped Rudolph after leading Santa's sleigh Christmas Eve! Join the Air Zoo Bureau of Investigation to examine clues to successfully find Rudolph and bring the perpetrator to justice! Whodunit???


Thursday, December 27 | 11am – 3pm

Wonderous Weather - Baby it’s cold outside, so come on in and explore winter weather inside! Measure the frigid winter wind with a DIY windsock, make your own crystal snow flake, and watch a mini blizzard up close. Then, make a cloud identification chart and a weather dial that you can use all year long!


Friday, December 28 | 11am – 3pm

Santa’s Navigation: The Night Sky - Come discover what Santa sees in the winter night sky with our STARLAB planetarium and a visiting astronomy expert from the Kalamazoo Astronomical Society. Create your own constellation and stained glass planets to take home and enjoy.


Monday, December 31 | 11am – 3pm   


Want to celebrate the beginning of 2019 but can’t stay up until midnight? Celebrate New Year’s Eve with a Countdown to Noon balloon drop, face painting and take-home party hats and noise makers. Happy New Year! Free with admission!


Wednesday, January 2 | 11am – 3pm

Fascinating, Fantastic, Fun Flight - Have you ever looked at the sky and wished you were up there? Are you interested in things that fly? Learn about aircraft and build your own that glides like a bird and soars like an airplane! Design and experiment with your own take-home gliders, kites, airplanes and more!


Thursday, January 3 | 11am – 3pm

Winter Carnival - Experience the thrills and chills of a lifetime while testing the true power of energy, the laws of physics, and the fun involved when you put forces in motion!  Families and kids of all ages will demonstrate amazing feats of strength and agility while interacting with a strongman hammer challenge, flying frog lever machines, a piloted hovercraft device, and Isaac Newton’s inertia carts.


Friday, January 4 | 11am – 3pm

Explore Your Tiny World - Have you ever wondered about life on a tiny scale? Imagine yourself as small as a red blood cell with a fun game.  Spy on real "yeast-y beasties" with a microscope. Make your own "fun guy" (fungi), bacteria, or virus to take home. Write your name in DNA code and more in this day of appreciating the truly tiny things in life!


Summer Family Fun Days - 

Every Saturday during the summer from 11am – 3pm come check out our awesome STEAM hands-on activities. Details to come!


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