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Group Scholarship Opportunities

The Air Zoo Science Inspiration Scholarship Fund - Individual & Group Education

Air Zoo Science Inspiration Scholarship Fund for Group Visits, Field Trips, Educational Outreach, and Individual Financial Aid For Camps & Classes

The Air Zoo is dedicated to connecting students with science and technology through positive, engaging, and immersive experiences that align with educational standards and inspire exciting career choices and pathways. Made possible in part by the Irving S. Gilmore Foundation, The Dorothy U. Dalton Foundation, the Battle Creek Community Foundation, and individual donors, the Science Inspiration Fund was developed to break down the economic barriers that greatly inhibit many schools, community organizations, and youth groups from taking an active part in Air Zoo's exceptional educational programming. Additional grant funding for field trip transportation is offered by Michigan Youth Arts.

Group Visits, Field Trips, and Educational Outreach

Scholarships are intended strictly for the support of need-based schools and youth-serving organizations. At least 50% of students or members must qualify for the USDA Free & Reduced Lunch Program. Scholarship applications may request funding to support the cost of Air Zoo admission fees, exhibit attendance, tours, and classroom experiences. To apply, download our application by clicking HERE. For more information or to book your group Air Zoo experience, contact the Air Zoo's Event Sales team at 269.350.2848 Grants towards field trip transportation costs are available via the Michigan Youth Arts Arts & Culture Trek grant. For more information, click HERE

*Group educational experiences supported by the Science Inspiration Scholarship Fund are limited and are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis.

Individual Scholarships and Financial Aid

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The Air Zoo provides scholarships to camps and other programs for low-income families and those suffering temporary financial hardship. To apply, download an application by clicking HERE.

The Air Zoo Science Inspiration Fund is made possible in part by the Irving S. Gilmore Foundation, Dorothy U. Dalton Foundation, and the Battle Creek Community Foundation, the Perrigo Company Charitable Foundation, and generous support from corporations and individuals.

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