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Kitfox II 

Build at Home, Park in Your Garage: The Denney Kitfox II 

Kit Plane

Gift of Mark J. Powell  

Located in the Flight Innovation Center

As its name implies, the Denney Kitfox is a kit-based aircraft. Easy to build, this light sport aircraft made its first appearance in 1984. Dan Denney and Denney Aerocraft of Boise, Idaho, designed the economical kit plane with amateur builders in mind. The thoughtful design allowed builders to park their Kitfox in a standard household garage.  

The company shipped out about 40 kits per month at the height the Kitfox’s popularity. Beginning in the mid-1980s, aviation enthusiasts in over 40 countries brought home over 7,000 kits. Flight schools use this kit industry leader based on the plane’s clean safety record, folding wings, and its reputation for pleasurable flight. Aircraft frames employ 4130 Chromoly steel, which the machine shop oil-treats to prevent corrosion. When customers receive their kits, they find that the machine shop prepped the kit parts with tabs, bends, cuts, and holes that facilitate a smooth assembly. The company changed hands over its three-decade history, moving from Denney Aerocraft to SkyStar Aircraft and Kitfox Aircraft today. 

The Air Zoo’s Kitfox 

The second model in the series, the Air Zoo’s Kitfox (N214MP) proved wider and larger than Denney’s original model. The Kitfox II, which debuted in 1989, retained the Rotax 532 engine, but increased the gross weight to 950 pounds (431 kilograms). Our model is one of 490 Kitfox IIs made. Cordless drills, belt sanders, a household iron, and some basic tools comprised the supplies needed to bring the kit to life. The bright, yellow bird on display at the Air Zoo is just the right height to attract and dazzle our youngest of guests! Thus, it’s enjoyed on the exhibit floor and at our outreach programs.