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Featured 2022 Library Program

An OCEAN of Possibilities

Dive into the ocean with the Air Zoo! Learn about a variety of sea creatures who call the ocean home, experiment with ​buoyancy and locomotion techniques, and create a marine critter to take home! You'll also discover that the Earth's water resources are limited and must be protected as we find out just how important the oceans are to our future. 

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Previous offerings still available

It’s a Bird - 2021 Program – Available in-person or virtually (recommended for ages 4+)
It’s a bird...it’s a plane...actually, it’s both! Discover the similarities between animal and machine while exploring the story of human flight. Get hands on and dive further into avian adaptations and find out how their bodies are specially adapted for flight, how the shape of their beak helps them catch specific food, and how they survive in different climates. Then, compare these adaptations to the adaptations of other animals, like the aye aye, the white tail deer, and more! Finally, adapt an animal of your choice to help it thrive in a brand-new environment! 

Storybook STEAM - 2020 Program - Available in-person or virtually (recommended for ages 5 – 10)
What can we learn from some of our old favorite fairy tales like the Three Little Pigs and the Billy Goats Gruff? For one thing, we can learn how to build strong structures using the principles of STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math)! Find out if straw, wood, brick, or other materials make the best houses, and use the sturdiest shapes to withstand wolf-force winds from our leaf blower. Build a bridge that spans the troll-filled gorge and supports our heavy goats on their journey. 

Stories in the Stars – 2020 Program - Available in-person* or virtually (recommended for ages 8 and up)
Before the internet, before television, before even radio, people entertained each other with stories. People from Ancient Greeks and Indigenous people to Americans escaping slavery on the Underground Railroad used the stars to navigate and to tell stories. They made pictures out of the shapes in the night sky that we call constellations today. Visit our portable STARLAB planetarium to learn about some of these stories and view the constellations that are the same as they were from time immemorial. Then come up with your own stories for familiar star groupings, make a constellation telescope to view the stars, and communicate secret messages as in Follow the Drinking Gourd. 

*In-person program includes use of STAR Lab, and has space requirements, contact us today for more information!

Fly Me to the Moon – 2019 Program - Available in person only (recommended for ages 4+)
Investigate how gravity keeps the Moon in orbit around the Earth and what it takes to escape Earth’s gravity to get to the Moon. Experience the creation of Moon craters and the challenges involved in landing safely on the varied surface of the Moon. Learn about current and future missions to other moons and planets in our solar system. Up, up and away! 

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