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Lois & the Link

An Air Zoo original Exhibit

Lois & the Link Trainer

Lois Phillips Headshot

During WWII, Corporal Lois Phillips served as a Link Trainer Instructor at the U.S. Marine Corps (USMC) Air Station in Mojave, California, 85 miles north of Los Angeles. In what Lois called “the Link room” in the air station’s Synthetic Training Building, the Three Oaks, Michigan native used Link Trainer flight simulators to provide instrument training to pilots through sets of courses and wind and weather conditions.  

Lois completed her training at the Link Instrument Training School, Naval Air Station in Atlanta, Georgia, in December 1943. While stationed at Mojave, she made dear friends, planted flowers in the desert, and helped America “keep ‘em flying” one trained pilot at a time.  

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