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Picture of Aircraft at the Air Zoo in Michigan

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DC SUPERHEROES™: Discover Your Superpowers

Drape yourself in a cape and join forces with DC’s Justice League members in a super travelling exhibit, DC SUPERHEROES™: Discover Your Superpowers. Batman™, Superman™, and Wonder Woman™ need your help to solve problems in a crime-ridden city and catch Super-Villains in a hands-on experience filled with fun, fast-paced challenges for the whole family to enjoy.  Find out which DC Super Hero you most resemble. Join Wonder Woman™ as she saves Museum of An... Read More
Posted by Euan Simpson at Friday, May 26, 2023

Don't wing it this summer - nab your camper's spot while spots remain!

Launch into explorations with the Air Zoo’s Summer Camps! From flight to space; from robots to chemistry – there's something for everyone at the Air Zoo this summer. Work together to defy gravity, solve mysteries, and explore the cosmos! Full- and half-day camp programs run weekly from June 12 through August 21. Camps available for PreK-12th grade.  Register your camper today while spots remain. Don't forget, Air Zoo members get 10% off. Just sign into your online account pr... Read More
Posted by Nikki Statler at Friday, Apr 28, 2023

Calling All Air & Space Toy Fans!

Growing up, did you play with air and space toys or build model airplanes or rockets? Do your dearest little ones launch foam gliders and Barbie astronauts into the sky? The Air Zoo’s Exhibits team seeks your toy and model memories, photos, and stories!   What were (and are) some of your favorite aviation and space-related toys, games, and model kits? What aerospace toys did/do your kids, grandkids, nieces, and nephews enjoy? Contact April, Exhibits & Interpretation Manager at ... Read More
Posted by Euan Simpson at Thursday, Apr 27, 2023

The First of the First: A WASP Anniversary Tale

During World War II, the Women Airforce Service Pilots (WASP) became the first women to fly America’s military aircraft. But these air-minded pilots didn’t take to the sky all at once. Some paved the way as the first of the first.   Mary Lou Colbert Neale became the first pilot that WASP Director Jackie Cochran selected for class 43-W-1—the new program’s first official class. Of special note, Mary Lou made a significant impact on the ability for women to access pi... Read More
Posted by Euan Simpson at Wednesday, Mar 29, 2023

Air Zoo Fandom is a Family Affair

  Eric Dougal’s family loves the Air Zoo. The planes, rides, exhibits, programs and people all make this place special to Eric, his wife, Kelly, and their 3 young sons. Ten years ago, Eric and Kelly moved to Michigan from where they grew up in southern Wisconsin. They quickly discovered all the amazing things the Kalamazoo area offers. One of the first places they discovered was the Air Zoo.   Over the past 10 years they’ve spent countless hours at the Air Zoo with thei... Read More
Posted by Euan Simpson at Friday, Mar 10, 2023

Women’s History at the Air Zoo: Cool!

Recently, a fourth grader on an Air Zoo fieldtrip admired our P-40 Warhawk with his friends on the mezzanine. After examining the historic pink plane hanging in our atrium, he turned to see that same plane flying in a nearby video. He looked back at the airplane, then back at the video screen, and anyone lucky enough to be near saw (and heard) when he made the connection. “Hey!” he shouted, “That’s the same plane! That’s that lady’s plane!” He sprang ... Read More
Posted by Euan Simpson at Friday, Feb 24, 2023

(Almost) the First Black Astronaut

In 1958, the new National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) chose the first astronaut recruits from among U.S. military test pilots. President John F. Kennedy wanted one of those recruits to be a black male pilot. Enter test pilot Edward “Ed” J. Dwight Jr., who became the first black candidate to compete for the astronaut corps in 1962. The U.S. Air Force captain arrived with two-thousand logged miles and impressive credentials. Many supported Ed, including the preside... Read More
at Thursday, Jan 26, 2023

New Interactive Touchscreen Brings Space Imagery into Focus

            The team at the Air Zoo is constantly looking for ways to provide our guests with new, original exhibit content. Some of the newest content brings our stunning images from Earth to Deep Field into focus! Our Picturing the Observable Universe digital kiosk welcomes you to enjoy an interpretive touchscreen experience as you discover more about each of these massive and vivid images and learn how we take pictures of space.  Explore ... Read More
Posted by Nikki Statler at Wednesday, Dec 28, 2022

Childhood visits lay groundwork for lifelong appreciation - Donor Spotlight

Having grown up in Three Rivers, Michigan it was around 30 years ago when Heather Oestrike-Schripsema discovered the Air Zoo. Her many visits as a child and young adult had a profound impact on Heather, sparking her interest in aviation and giving her a different trajectory in life than anyone anticipated. Her interest and determination led to a nomination to the United States Air Force Academy in her senior year of high school.  At age 15, Heather couldn’t wait to get in the Cors... Read More
Posted by Nikki Statler at Friday, Dec 16, 2022

Meet the Fokker

Not all the Air Zoo’s cool planes can be found on the ground. Look up and you’ll find some super suspended aircraft, such as our Fokker Dr. 1. Our 3/4 scale reproduction represents World War I aerial combat history and early twentieth century aircraft design. Inspired by the sight of the Sopwith Triplane, Fokker-Flugzeugwerke built the Dr.1 as a WWI fighter. The Dr stands for Dreidecker—German for triplane. Pilots flew this single seat fighter mostly during the spring of 19... Read More
Posted by Nikki Statler at Tuesday, Nov 29, 2022

Flight is in the Family - Donor Spotlight

As a parent, Autumn Zank found her son, Tyler, was far more engaged with his schoolwork when it was centered around something he was passionate about.  When he discovered his interest in aviation, Tyler translated that into a career in aircraft mechanics.  The Air Zoo’s STEAM education programs offer students the chance to discover and engage interests in aviation and other STEAM studies.  Autumn’s niece, Gabby, joined the Air Zoo’s High School Aviation Educa... Read More
Posted by Nikki Statler at Wednesday, Nov 16, 2022

New Label Series Will Interpret Outdoor Aircraft

As the chilly November breeze drops colorful leaves from the trees, your Air Zoo Exhibits department actively researches and writes stories about some cool planes! We’re interpreting aircraft including a French flying machine, a Fortune magazine favorite, and the U.S. Air Force’s first operational jet! The Broussard, Learjet 23, and P-80 Shooting Star, respectively, comprise just three of the 10 historic airplanes exhibited on the Air Zoo grounds. We’re excited to create a ... Read More
Posted by Nikki Statler at Tuesday, Nov 1, 2022


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