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A message of support

This has been a very difficult statement to write as we struggle to find words that feel supportive enough, that communicate the essential need for change and that convey our intent to be part of that change. As places of learning and growth, we know that museums must not stand separate from the inequities that plague our nation. At the Air Zoo, we stand with our Black colleagues, community and partners who are demanding racial equality. As an institution, we stand ready to listen and to learn how we can continue to do better because we are better together.

The Air Zoo is driven each day to educate and inspire every member of our region with the stories of our remarkable air- and spacecraft and the men and women who designed, developed, and flew them. When humans first landed on the Moon on July 20, 1969, the engines that got them there were envisioned and built by over 400,000 people – including celebrated Black female scientists like Katherine Johnson. We reached our goal with a rocket, but it was the power of the human spirit - filled with empathy, compassion, respect, truth, and love - that made it all happen. If this spirit and collaboration can get us to the Moon, imagine what it can do for our neighborhoods and communities.

In this spirit, in 2017, the Air Zoo started real, hard conversations, listening and learning about how we can create a more inclusive and welcoming environment for our Black colleagues, families, friends, neighbors, and partners. As part of our strategic plan, we have been working to increase the diversity of stories told on our exhibition floor, have been actively engaged in staff and volunteer trainings, and continue to look for new ways to bring on a diverse and talented staff. We welcome input and suggestions from our community as to ways that we can continue our efforts. We pledge to be alongside you, to learn and to do more!

Posted by Nikki Statler at 3:00 PM
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