Air Zoo unveils new Earth curtain

The Air Zoo is excited to announce the unveiling of our brand new Earth Curtain!Earth Curtain Designer Lexi Callaway during the installation process.

A generous Capital Improvement Grant from the Michigan Arts and Culture Council has partially funded the design, production and installation of this exciting new art, replacing an outdated version.

The gorgeous new curtain, covering a 1292"w x 384"h Full Color Heavy Knit wall space, now hangs prominently overlooking the iconic S-71 Blackbird, our hallmark plane. This creates an amazing visual for our visitors when walking onto the main floor; the Blackbird in a striking posture, directly in profile with the curtain.

The Earth Curtain is featured in dynamic lighting and graphic support, with a sunbeam shining on the state of Michigan, adding extra excitement, and highlighting the uniqueness of this artwork. Guests are shown a picture of Michigan from space, and for a brief moment, surrounded by high-altitude and reconnaissance Air and Spacecraft, might feel close to the real thing.

Our thanks go out to the Michigan Arts and Culture Council, and our local representatives and supporters, for making this exciting project a reality.

Pictured: Earth Curtain designer, Lexi Callaway during the installation process.

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