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LunarVette Visits Air Zoo, Saturday, November 23rd

2019 marks the 50th anniversary of the first two, of six, moon landings of project Apollo. The LunarVette, a tribute car graphically telling the Apollo story, will be making a special appearance, Saturday, November 23, 2019, at the Air Zoo in celebration of Apollo 12, the second crew to land on our moon. 

Re-visit the remarkable achievement that took the work of thousands of dedicated Americans to complete - traveling to the moon and safely returning to earth. This heroic story is outlined with images covering the astronauts' favorite car, the Chevy Corvette. Each side visually tells a different part of the Apollo 12 story including the astronauts, how they got here, and where they landed.

You may ask why a Corvette? The Chevrolet Corvette (while super awesome like traveling to the moon) was a popular car among astronauts for multiple reasons. Astronauts seemed to prefer the sleek design and speed, so this American muscle car was a perfect fit. Another significant reason was the hugely discounted leasing fees that General Motors, parent of Chevrolet, offered the astronauts – does anyone remember the AstroVette?

In addition to the images covering the LunarVette, Scott Beam, Mission Commander of LunarVette, will be presenting an exciting program about Earth's moon. In addition to discussing some science about our only natural satellite, he will be sharing the astronaut's experiences and exploring other moons of our solar systems. “Luna: Earth's Moon” will be presented at 11am & 2pm in the Air Zoo’s main exhibit hall.



Posted by Nikki Statler at 1:00 PM
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