New Paintings at the Air Zoo - "Over Europe" by Matt Milkowski

The Air Zoo acquired three new paintings at the end of 2021, from a Chicago Artist, Matt Milkwoski. Check out Over Europe on display in the Flight Innovation Canter-World War II Wing. 

Matt Milkowski
Over Europe
oil on canvas

Artist Statement

Through a window, a B-17 crewman would have seen bombers gently swaying one way or another. This would occur as the hundreds of planes lumbered into position to assemble their intricate box formations. At times, collisions occurred. The 11 person crew of the Miss Donna Mae ll was lost when it drifted out of position, and a friendly plane dropped a bomb on its horizontal stabilizer, causing it to immediately drop from the sky.

What might crewmen have seen through the various windows and openings? The askew trajectory and proximity of the bomber depicted below is atypical. Are we spectators of a delicate aerial dance, or the final moments before a catastrophic event? Gazing through an open door allows us to experience someplace else without engaging in it directly. We see a bomb bay, a coffin, a portal that opens our senses to the dynamic movement and icy air outside.


Posted by Nikki Statler at 3:11 PM
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