Oceans to Astronauts

May 6, 2022 Portage, MI – Opportunity abounds at the Air Zoo this month as scientist and innovator, Adle Luta, joins the Air Zoo team, Thursday, May 12th, to inspire young math and science lovers to dream big and work hard, while sharing stories of inspiration and perseverance with learners of all ages.  


Join friends and neighbors for a night of storytelling involving human spaceflight and how Adele Luta’s work, including supporting the next missions to the moon, unites the ocean and the sky. Oceans to Astronauts, an Evening with Adele Luta is the first featured event in the Air Zoo’s Discovery Series this year, and an experience everyone will enjoy. Tickets are $25 each and the presentation and Q&A, as well as an Air Zoo original Science Floor show, cash bar, treats and mingling. Doors open at 6:30pm and the presentation kicks off at 7. 


Adele Luta, a Scientist & Innovator from Clear Lake, Texas, didn't see herself working underwater as a physicist. However, soon after graduate school, she was training astronauts for spacewalks in Houston in a massive pool. Adele is supporting the exploration spacesuit and lander integration for NASA’s next missions to the moon. Over the last 19 years, her background in physics has empowered her to support multiple domains including human spaceflight, defense, and healthcare. She has lived and worked overseas. She loves to share her passion for innovation, physics, and human systems. 


About Adele Luta 

Adele is an Exploration Extravehicular Activities (EVA) Integration Project Manager at Oceaneering with MS and BS degrees in physics. Her STEM education has allowed her to work in many research fields including researching the mind, nuclear physics, and teamwork. She is a seaplane pilot and SCUBA diver. She is a member of the 99s, Explorers Club, Sigma Pi Sigma (Physics Honor Society), and AAAS IF/THEN Ambassador. 


She holds BS and MS degrees in Physics and an MS and PhD (ABD) in Psychology with an emphasis in cognition and learning. If there is one thing she could share about science is that “Science doesn’t care if you are cool, rich, or have lots of followers. Science is hard and demanding but amazing and powerful. If this sounds interesting? Maybe you are a future scientist.” In her free time she hangs out with her husband and dogs while volunteer SCUBA diving to rebuild the coral reefs in the Florida Keys. 

About the Air Zoo  

Located at 6151 Portage Rd., Portage, MI 49002, the Air Zoo is a Smithsonian-affiliated aerospace and science museum with over 100 rare air & space craft, inspiring interactive exhibits, indoor amusement park rides, full-motion flight simulators, hands-on science-based camps, a nationally recognized restoration center, and more.  For tickets and info, visit airzoo.org.    




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