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Outreach Programs

Science on the Go!

This program brings our Education team directly to your students, performing the same amazing 45 – 60 minute educational programs in your classroom! This great alternative to an off-site field trip provides a unique way to supplement current lessons, and/or reward students. Most of the Air Zoo’s education programs are available as “Science on the Go” experiences, including, but not limited to:

  • Rockin’ Roller Coasters
  • Junior Imagineers
  • High Flying Fun
  • Hot Wired
  • Young Aviators
  • Blast Into Space

Science on the Go! is affordable at $200 for the first class (up to 32 students) and $100 for each consecutive class of up to 32 students. Additional supply fees apply for some classes.*


Science Floor Shows

The Air Zoo’s science floor shows are 30-minute interactive programs designed for larger audiences, and include high-energy audience participation and exciting science demonstrations. These group programs are also very affordable at $250 for the first show, $125 for each consecutive show.*

  • All About Air - Air is all around us and is essential to life, but what do we really know about air? Explore the properties of air, experiment with air pressure, and make giant soaring smoke rings in this interactive demonstration that will take your breath away.
  • Subzero Science - What is colder than the coldest place on Earth? Liquid nitrogen! Investigate states of matter as we see liquid boil at room temperature and rubber become as brittle as glass. Freeze things, smash stuff, and pick up lots of cool science along the way.
  • Super Science of Super Heroes and Super Villains - Wouldn’t you like to be able to climb walls like Spiderman? Or maybe you would rather learn the “attractive” secrets of a super villain like Magneto. With your superpowers, you will make objects disappear like            the Invisible Woman and create the perfect Storm to blow away the villains.


Science on Stage

Get more “bang” for your buck with these large-scale, 60-minute demonstrations for extra-large audiences. These Science on Stage programs run $400 for the first show and $200 for consecutive shows.*

  • Fizz, Boom, Soar! - Get blown away by erupting liquids, a booming cannon, and soaring machines in this ultra-high-energy demonstration of physics, chemistry, and flight science that will launch everyone out of their seats!
  • The Greatest Show on Earth! - Experience the thrills and chills of a lifetime while testing the true power of energy, the laws of physics, and forces in motion. Audience members demonstrate amazing feats of strength  and agility using their scientific knowledge and skill against Thor’s Hammer, the Strongman Hammer Challenge, and the Air Zoo Bumper Car extravaganza! 

*A travel fee of $0.50 per mile will apply for programs between a 10 - 60-mile radius. For programs greater than 60 miles radius a travel fee will be quoted.

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