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Things to Do

The Air Zoo lifts your spirits, expands your awareness and brings the fun of science and aviation to life. Excitement, adventure, entertainment and discovery. They are all here for visitors of every age.

By Land, By Sea, By Air
Save at three exciting West Michigan attractions! Gilmore Car Museum, Michigan Maritime Museum, and the Air Zoo! Click link for details.

Exhibits & Experiences
From our new and exciting FLEXHIBITS, KEVA Creation Stations, and Imagination Playground, to the history of Guadalcanal and the heroes of Michigan aviation, the Air Zoo is committed to bringing you intriguing exhibits and experiences to thrill young and old alike!

3D Full-Motion Flight Simulators
Strap in and take hold of the controls as you perform full-motion loops, rolls and more while dogfighting in a fighter plane, or performing aerobatics in a high-performance stunt plane. Presented in amazing high-definition 3D, experience the closest thing to real flight without having to leaving the ground!

Century of Flight Ferris Wheel
Take a ride in this 26-foot indoor Ferris wheel as you learn about the decades of flight.

Flying Circus Bi-Plane Ride
Kids of all ages will enjoy steering their bi-plane with the wind in your hair.

Montgolfier Balloon Race
Fun for all ages, the Montgolfier Balloon Race celebrates the invention of the hot air balloon as you fly through the air on this fun ride.

Paratrooper Jump
Feel the sensation of weightlessness, just like a paratrooper, as you are dropped from a height of two stories.

Doron Flight Simulator
Experience two amazing adventures!

Corsair Challenge
Passengers experience one of the most unique fighter aircraft of the World War II era. Corsair Legend thrills them by flying at a fast and furious pace above lakes, rivers and skimming tree tops over hilly terrain. This flight simulation will take you on a journey in the Air Zoo's Goodyear FG-1D Corsair over Southwest Michigan during the Fall color change.

Barnstormers 2000
Fly in one of fifteen barnstormer planes past a control tower, through canyons, a volcano and race a speeding train to town!

Missions Theater
The Air Zoo's Missions Theater was recently upgraded, and is offering a new lineup of amazing experiences!

Space: Dare to Dream
Space: Dare to Dream pays tribute to the dreamers who dared to find the answers to our very existence and shaped humankind's knowledge of our place in the universe. This exhibit celebrates those innovators' amazing discoveries and the history of space exploration. Visitors are able to explore Galileo's study, learn about ancient cosmology and experience the rumbling liftoff of Saturn V as it leaves Earth.

Activities for Kids From camps to scouting to other activities, the Air Zoo is a great place for kids to experience the excitement of science and aviation.

Michigan Aviation Hall of Fame
The Michigan Aviation Hall of Fame was established in 1987 to recognize men and women who have made significant contributions to aviation. It is located inside the Air Zoo.

Biplane Rides! (June - September)
Take to the skies with up to four friends in a vintage biplane, or learn to fly on your own!

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