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Field Trips

Kids flying through the cloud tunnel

Depending on your unique interests and how much time you have to spend with us, your class trip will have you exploring the many exhibits and attractions in the Air Zoo!

The Air Zoo houses an impressive array of aircraft-from a replica of the Wright Flyer to the fastest airplane ever to streak across the sky, the SR-71B Blackbird. But that's just the beginning! Your students can take a spin in our Full-Motion Flight Simulators, complete a 3-D mission to the International Space Station, lift up and away in the Montgolfier Balloon Race ride and share the cockpit of a colorful Flying Circus Bi-Plane! And don't forget our RealD 3-D/4-D Theater with two movies, in addition to our Paratrooper Jump, Corsair Challenge and Mission to Mars!

Group Scholarship Opportunities
The Air Zoo's Science Inspiration Fund offers funding assistance to schools and other organizations for field trips, group visits, and educational outreach programs.

The Air Zoo is also home to the Kitty Hawk Cafe and Fly Buy museum store .

Visit our education programs page for more information.

Please note that some Air Zoo rides and attractions have height and weight restrictions.

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