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Things to See

From rare and historic aircraft to inspiring artwork and exhibits, there's always something new to discover at the Air Zoo.

Exhibits & Hands-on, Interactive Experiences
From our new and exciting Space: Dare to Dream exhibit, to the history of Guadalcanal and the heros of Michigan aviation, the Air Zoo is committed to bringing you intriguing exhibits about the history of flight.


With more than 50 fixed and rotary wing aircraft on display, you can walk through history from a replica of the first Wright Flyer, to World War II era fighters and bombers, all the way up to the modern and one-of-a-kind SR-71B Blackbird - the fastest plane ever built. Follow the link to see the aircraft located at the Main and East campuses. The Air Zoo is also home to a multitude of spacecraft, and non-traditional aircraft, ranging from rockets and space capsules to missiles.


At the Air Zoo, you'll be surrounded by awe-inspiring hand painted artwork from floor to ceiling and wall to wall! In addition to our stunning murals, the Air Zoo is also home to a selection of ever-changing fine artwork that celebrates air and space flight.

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