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Overnight Camp & Group Options

Spend a night at the museum and snooze under the SR-71 Blackbird! Grab your sleeping bag and land under the SR-71B Blackbird because you're in for an overnight adventure!

Our Overnight Camps are designed to give your group an after-hours experience like no other! Choose from a wide variety of themes and programs!

Our Overnight Camps can include:

  • Exciting "hands on" activities and classes
  • A glider (aviation theme) or a model rocket (space theme) for each person
  • A scavenger hunt
  • A tour of the museum
  • Free time to explore the museum prior to the Overnight -or- after the Overnight
  • A variety of dinner choices
  • Snacks
  • A variety of breakfast choices

The Overnight Camp programs are fun for any group, but can also meet a number of requirements for both the Boy Scout Aviation and Space Exploration merit badges. Our camps also meet certain elective requirements for Cub Scouts and Girl Scouts (leaders are responsible for recording applicable accomplishments).

Student Overnights can also be adapted to work with your curriculum.

Book Your Overnight Today!

For more information or to book an Overnight, please contact our Event's Department via email at, or via telephone at 269-350-2848.

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