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Items for Sale

The Air Zoo is selling the following items:

Lunar Leap
Space Ball
Space Walk

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Lunar Leap

The Lunar Leap features a mechanical lifting device that gives guests the experience of what it's like to walk on the surface of the moon!

Visitors are secured in a harness that is attached to an overhead cable connected to a pneumatic cylinder. The attendant adjusts the air pressure in the cylinder to approximately five sixths of the visitor's weight. Once secured in the harness, the visitor descends the pseudo landing module ramp to the artificial lunarscape.

The overhead beam is slowly advanced by the attendant as the visitor moves forward on the textured surface. Approximately 330 degrees of motion is available.

The mechanical mechanism, cylinder, tank, etc. are located on the 12-foot overhead beam, which is supported in the center by a 13-foot high central post.

Included components:

  • Entry stairwell and railing
  • Loading platform and railing
  • Visitors harness and complete pneumatic support system
  • Central support post with 12-foot overhead beam
  • Central support beam extension legs
  • Complete pneumatic support system with harness and controls

Not included, but required:

  • Compressed air supply
  • Floor covering and artificial environment
  • Support graphics
  • Floor surface of plywood to cover the (beam extension legs) activity area


The MaxFlight is a two-seat full-motion flight simulator with amazing, true to life depth and clarity! The MaxFlight flight simulator features fully interactive 360-degree pitch and roll technology.

Space Ball (GyroXtreme human gyroscope)

Human gyroscopes were developed by NASA in the 1960s for use in astronaut training programs. They enabled astronauts to become comfortable with the simulated experience of weightlessness and the roll and tumble associated in outer space. Over the years, a similar program was introduced into many air forces around the world to train jet fighter pilots.

The Space Ball gives visitors a taste of how astronauts train, and how easy it is to become disoriented in space. Each Space Ball seats two visitors. It's easy to use, indoor or outdoor, has an easy setup and fast throughput!

Included components:

  • Hydraulic power motor
  • Trailer

Space Walk

In the Space Walk, guests can walk treads around the cylinder to change orientation, just like how astronauts learn to do complex tasks upside-down and sideways!

Visitors are able to walk forward inside the circular hoop and turn upside down and around to return to an upright position.

If you are interested in purchasing an item, or for more information, including pricing, call Greg Ward at 269.350.2843.

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