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John F.X. Browne

John F.X. Browne


John F.X. Browne is a world renowned pilot and traveler. His exploits have literally taken him to all the continents and all four corners of the earth.
Browne started his flying instruction at Detroit City Airport in 1962. He earned his instrument rating in 1965 and his air transport rating in 1970. In 1971 he received Category II ILS approach authorization, the first one issued in the Central Great Lakes Region for light aircraft.

He is holder of 23 World Records on International Flights in light aircraft (Piper Aztec) including flights around-the-world, over the north pole, and transpacific.

During these flights he has crossed the Atlantic six times, the Pacific three times (north, central, and south), as well as crossings of the Indian and Arctic Oceans with landings and over-flights on all continents except Antarctica.

Browne was enshrined on December 17, 1987 for outstanding contributions in developing the knowledge required for access by general aviation in international travel. His accomplishments were many and varied. His continued travel, notably to Antarctica in 1987, the only continent he has not landed on, will be yet another accomplishment. Browne, with his diligence and foresight, has indeed assisted all of those in aviation by proving that flying is safe, enjoyable, and possible on the international level. To this end, this award is most solemnly and respectfully dedicated.

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