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RealD 3D/4D Missions Theater

Experience it with ALL of your senses

Missions Theater is a 4D digital theater using the techonology of RealD 3D. See why many guests call it "the best seat in the house." The magic of this theater drops you in the middle of two different missions:

Salute to Heroes®

Experience being dropped in the middle of a real World War II bombing mission over Germany.* Tremble in your seats upon takeoff. Feel the full-on roar of other aircraft zooming by. It's an inspiring experience that you won't soon forget.

Making the Invisible Visible

Experience the Earth like you have never seen it before through the lense of Dr. Don Pettit, NASA astronaut and International Space Station (ISS) Astrophotographer. View the breathtaking auroras and star trails as you travel over the Earth at over 17,000 mph.

Developed through a combination of 3D computer animation and live actors, the Salute to Heroes® experience was created by the AI Group in the UK. In 2004, it won the coveted 2004 Museums and Heritage Award for Excellence Overseas.

View the Theater in Action!


Theater experiences are included with your paid General Admission.

Requirements Number of Tickets
Under age 10 only with a responsible person* Included with paid General Admission

*Salute to Heroes® is a powerful presentation of the final flight of the B-17 Kalamazoo Gal. During the flight you will experience some of the drama of a real bombing mission of Germany in 1944. As this experience is presented in darkness, for their safety, children under 10 years of age should be accompanied by an adult. No child under 6 years of age should experience Salute to Heroes® unless sitting adjacent to and under the personal guidance of an adult.

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