Picture of Aircraft at the Air Zoo in Michigan

Science Floor Shows

Join us at the Air Zoo for 30-minute live science show this weekend!*  Guests can enjoy these exciting floor shows at 11am and 2pm every Saturday and at 2pm on Sunday by the Air Zoo's SR-71 Blackbird! These shows are included with admission, and free to Air Zoo Members! The shows will feature one of the following science themes.

Subzero Science:  What is colder than the coldest place on Earth? Liquid nitrogen! Investigate states of matter as we see liquid boil at room temperature and rubber become as brittle as glass. We will freeze things, smash stuff, and pick up lots of cool science along the way!

Super Science of Superheroes and Super Villains Wouldn’t you like to be able to climb walls like Spider-Man? Or maybe you would rather learn the “attractive” secrets of a super villain like Magneto. With your superpowers, you will make objects disappear like the Invisible Woman and create the perfect Storm to blow away the villains.

Please understand that some shows/times may be altered to accommodate for other on-floor programming or similar interruptions. Please see the events calendar for cancelations and time changes.

*Restrictions due to COVID-19 may alter these events or result in postponement or cancellation. Please check back often when planning for in person events.  

Come visit us.