SR-71 Spy-Posium

Are you ready to get upclose and personal with the fastest plane in the world?


For the first time ever, the Air Zoo is opening the SR-71B’s cockpits for public viewing! Learn what makes the Blackbird tick - straight from the mouths of former SR-71 pilots.  Get a good look at this incredible spyplane that has captured high-resolution images from over 80,000 feet and flown more than three times the speed of sound.

Air Zoo visitors will have the opportunity to see the dual cockpits of this incredible machine as well as get first hand accounts from those who worked most closely to it.  Meet the pilots, crew and mechanics, listen to engaging panel discussions, participate in the informative Q&A sessions, and keep your eyes peeled for a special ticketed event (currently under the radar) to be announced very soon!  

SR-71B PilotSR-71B engine litSR-71B CockpitsSR-71B Flight Test PatchSR-71B taking off

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