Picture of Aircraft at the Air Zoo in Michigan

Missions Theater Shows

Join us for a show in our Quonset Hut-style theater
Missions Theater

Theater Show Schedule:

9:30    Salute to Heroes*
10:00   Heroes on Deck*
11:30    Fly Me to the Moon
12:00   Salute to Heroes*
1:00      Fly Me to the Moon
1:30      Salute to Heroes*
2:00    Fly Me to the Moon
2:30    Salute to Hereos*
3:00    Heroes on Deck*
4:30    Fly Me to the Moon

Theater doors open 5 minutes prior to scheduled showtime. Show capacity is 62 guests which includes accessible seating options. Please note shows begin with a Salute to Heroes showing at 12:40pm on Sundays. 
*Some films may not be suitable for younger audiences, parental discretion is advised. 

Check out these great shows!

Fly Me to the Moon  - Nat the fly loves listening to his grandfather (voiced by Christopher Lloyd) tell stories of adventures from his youth. Desperate to experience some derring-do of his own, Nat convinces two of his friends to stow away on the Apollo 11 mission to the Moon. The high-flying trio have the adventure of a lifetime.  

Heroes on Deck - During World War II, just off Chicago’s shoreline, the US Navy trained over 15,000 carrier pilots on two makeshift “flattops,” both former, coal-fired, side wheel passenger steamers. Not every pilot landed successfully on the pitching decks of the USS Wolverine and USS Sable and many aircraft went to the bottom of the Great Lakes. This is the story of the recovery of those rare warbirds and the ingenious training program that changed the course of the war in the Pacific.   View trailer now!

Salute to Heroes - A highly emotive piece produced especially for the Air Zoo, Salute to Heroes depicts a daring bombing raid by a group of young men during World War II aboard the B-17 Flying Fortress The Kalamazoo Gal. Using computer animation combined with real life actors, the film is a true epic and honorific reflection of a WWII combat mission.

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