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We Did It!

New Exhibit - March 2021!

We Did It!

The Riveting Real Rosies of WWII 

Woman Working on a PlaneWomen answered the call. 

Seeking to help defeat the Axis, women found guidance in a nationwide government ad campaign, which also helped produce an icon of women’s empowerment fondly known as “Rosie the Riveter.” Filling traditional male roles, these real “Rosies” worked dirty and sometimes dangerous jobs1 and made significant contributions to the war effort. 

In We Did It: The Riveting Real Rosies of WWII, you’ll meet some of the women who answered America’s call to fill defense plant positions in the 1940s. Learn about the recruitment process, the art of the famous Rosie poster, and the many kinds of jobs these women took in service to their country. See an authentic rivet gun, rivet manual, and paystub on loan from Yankee Air Museum, which sits on the former site of the Willow Run plant where women manufactured one B-24 bomber an hour. Watch video interviews from the children of real Rosies. Take a picture with our “We Can Do It!” poster cutout. 



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