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Picture of Aircraft at the Air Zoo in Michigan

WIAS Interactive Timeline

Come and explore an engaging panorama of stories, images, graphics, videos, and hands-on activities as you explore more than 100 years of contributions made by more than 50 accomplished women in the fields of aviation and space exploration. We are delighted to enhance these stories with items from our collection, images from our archives, as well as affiliate organizations like the Smithsonian and several featured assets from the Association of Science and Technology Centers (ASTC) IF/THEN an Initiative of Lyda Hill Philanthropies, which enriches U.S. projects like ours that highlight women and minorities in STEM.


What do you think it was like to be the first female to fly a solo flight, or the first woman to earn her pilot's license? Can you imagine what it was like to become a Women Airforce Service Pilot, like our co-founder Sue Parish, or to build B-24 bombers at Willow Run? Imagine yourself as an astronaut, meet Mae Jemison, the first African American woman to travel to space. Did you know that a woman mathematician, Katherine Johnson, figured out the tragectory that made space travel possible?  Just recently, a woman, Christina Koch, spent a record-smashing 328 days in space and returned to earth! Have you wondered if you could be a rocket scientist, like Jasmine Sadler (she is also a dancer!!)? 


The women featured in our Interactive Timeline form a "patchwork quilt" of the familiar and unfamiliar, well-known perspectives and fresh perspectives. While striving to provide an overall understanding of women in air and space history through major milestones and achievements, the timeline also endeavors to create connections and generate ah-ha moments for all that experience it. Make sure to experience all of the hands-on opportunities this immersive timeline offers.


The timeline is broken down into five specific themes: Women's Firsts; Racers, Record Setters, and Supporters; Going to Work; To the Stars; and Today and Tomorrow. We encourage guests to explore the highlights and images and then dive deeper into the women and stories through the digital media elements. Children and adults alike enjoy exploring the puzzles, didactics and featured artifacts presented.  Next, we encourage you to check out all of the other exciting exhibits dispersed throughout the galleries and share your favorite discovery with us. Use #WomenInAirAndSpace so we can find and share your discoveries with others. 

Come visit us.